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C-TPAT Compliance Specialists

Tier3+ Compliance is a C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) compliance specialist. We assist importers, customs brokers and transport companies in meeting C-TPAT and FAST requirements.

C-TPAT is a program no importer or customs broker can afford to ignore. If your company needs assistance in meeting C-TPAT membership standards, Tier3+ can help.

Tier3+ clients include customs brokers, importers with overseas supply chains, and transport companies bringing goods into the US from Mexico and Canada. Our knowledgeable specialists use detailed and clearly organized checklists to facilitate your company's compliance with C-TPAT requirements. We identify potential problems and recommend solutions to overcome them quickly and efficiently.


The majority of unassisted C-TPAT applications are rejected due to oversight and misunderstanding. These rejections often result in frustration and costly delays. Tier3+ has earned a 100% acceptance track record in C-TPAT applications, and we can provide excellent references. We are comfortable working with both large and small companies in providing C-TPAT and FAST consulting services.

Let Tier3+ Compliance work for you.


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